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Registered: ‎03-17-2010

Licensing problem with accelDSP 11.1

Hi all,

            I have installed Xilinx ISE design suite 11.1 system edition in a 32 bit windows machine. While getting the license file (for 30 days evaluation) using xilinx license manager , I have been guided to xilinx web page from there I have downloaded license file ( sent to my email address). After assigning this file to XLM every tool ( ISE, Chipscope, EDK, System generator, etc) are working file  except AccelDSP.


As it is known that AccelDSP has been removed from version 12.1 onwards but it should work for 11.1 or lower versions.


So my question is now in this situation how can I activate AccelDSP.? or how to get a license file for that (30 days) ?


Waiting for the replies .


Thank you!


with very best regards



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