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Unable to uninstall Vivado 2014.3.1

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Unable to uninstall Vivado 2014.3.1

I am trying to uninstall all of my previous versions of Vivado and when I try to uninstall 2014.3.1, the Vivado logo comes up on the screen but then it just closes and nothing happens.  I have tried running as administrator, I have opened a console and ran "xsetup -uninstall" from the installed directory, nothing is working.  Is there a tool or a way to remove this version of the software, completely remove it, from my computer?  I want to do this so I can do a clean install of the version I am going to be using.

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Re: Unable to uninstall Vivado 2014.3.1

you can manually delete files from installation directory . I think with administrative privilege with full access you should able to remove the xilinx tools .
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Re: Unable to uninstall Vivado 2014.3.1

Hi @polorboy


Try  manually deleting  the Xilinx folder from the Vivado installation directory C:\Xilinx\Vivado. Also remove any related files from the App data. 




Hope this helps.




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Re: Unable to uninstall Vivado 2014.3.1

Hi @polorboy,


Did you check the task manager to verify if the uninstaller is closing/crashing or is still running in the background?