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Windows 10

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Re: Windows 10

Very interesting topic. What about Virtex5 + Virtex6? 

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that future Intel CPUs (including the recently released Skylake generation) will have limited Support for Windows 7 and users should move to Win10. 


What will Xilinx do? 

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Re: Windows 10

Pinging this conversation to see if there has been any progress on Windows 10 support with Vivado.  My company's IT department wants me to be the first FPGA engineering guinnea pig to switch to Win10 and I'm concerned that I'll waste a lot of time and it still won't work in the end.


Does Xilinx have a target date and a target version of Vivado that will support Windows 10?

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Re: Windows 10

Hi !


I installed vivado 2015.4 on Windows 10 and I can't use my Platform Cable USB II because windows don't recognize usb serial port com. With the same material but with Windows 7 it works.

I installed driver separetly from xilinx website and it doesn't work.

I can just see "Xilinx USB Cable" in Peripheral manager when I plug the device.


Somebody can help me please ?




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Re: Windows 10

Is there a patch for Windows 10 and Vivado yet? I like 10, so I won't be downgrading. It would be nice to work from home on a modern computer. Please inform if there is support or when there is a projection for support. I've found nothing as of yet.

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Re: Windows 10

I stumbled on this post while researching an upcoming Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade.


I find it pretty disappointing that Xilinx has taken this stance, and I think it is against Xilinx' best interests.  Consider these facts:


1.  Microsoft is now only providing security updates to Windows 7, and is thus essentially forcing users to upgrade to Windows 10, and to do it SOON - by the end of July 2016.


2.  Many of us have been working with devices that Vivado simply does not support.  It isn't an option.  Whether it be a case of a legacy device deployed by a smaller coroporation that does not have the resources to keep and extra development seat around, a university student, a hobbyist or a youngster just getting started, legacy devices have to exist in millions of devices, and give newcomers an affordable entry point into hardware development for your devices.  


3.  You'd rather maybe I migrate to Intel/Altera?  I can tell you I am certainly look at that option right now.  If I have to upgrade to a new device, new development board AND new tools, there is no reason not to open up my investigation. 


4.  The changes to get ISE running fully in 32 and 64 bit environments would be very modest, as one can tell from the workarounds.  But workarounds sometimes leave people with a *very* uncomfortable feeling about the future.


So why continue to anger and disappoint people when fixing it would be relatively easy?