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Registered: ‎12-17-2018

XPS does not recognize my ISE/MicroBlaze/Node based license

1. We received years ago one set of 15 Basys2 and another set of 15 Spartan 3E Starter Kit boards;

2. At that time, 15 permanent licenses were supplied

3. A lot of basic work were done by using Basys 2 and ISE. Very few work were done with the Spartan 3E boards. As a result, after years passing through several hands, I think there are five or six operational Basys2 boards and are still in use because people only use them for basic experiments. ISE 12.4 and 14.7 are ok for Win 7 to 10 (by applying the Application Report to fix dll stuff on Win8+ versions) and let people proceed with their basic experiments.

4. The problem is that I am interested to work with the Spartan 3E Starter Kit by using XPS, for experiments with MicroBlaze. I went recently to the Product Licensing, configured the node (fixed) license generation both for ISE and XPS, and when I open XPS, the license is not recognized. I programmed the WiFi MAC address. The generated license file is appended to this message. I changed my logname to blahblah

5. Only to state:

  1. ISE is working fine, both with Basys2 and Spartan3E. The problem is with XPS
  2. yes, I am attepting to put it to work on the configured MAC WiFi address on the license and we do not have funds to buy new kits. So we need to work with the 12.4 ISE/XPS version. It appears to be the last version that recognizes a Spartan 3E on XPS wizard
  3. I know about Vivado and the new kits. I repeat: we need to put these Sparta 3E boards that are with us. Please help to make this possible without money issues. The license generator software, for any reason that I didn´t catch, is working diferently from the past and is generating a license that XPS 12.4 does not recognize.

Any help?

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Registered: ‎06-14-2010

Hello @abarros49,

The license you've provided doesn't support XPS.

You can use free webpack license which supports XPS (contains xps_tdp) for the smallest Zynq devices ONLY (i.e. XC7Z010, XC7Z020 and XC7Z030 only). If you are using a different device (including Spartan3E) then you need to purchase license.

You'd at least need a standalone EDK license, which just contain an XPS and SDK licensing features. It is much cheaper than purchasing the entire Vivado license (i.e. with purchased Vivado license you've receive an ISE license for free, which contains an XPS feature). So, that is what you'd need to obtain in order to fix your issue.

Neither ISE WebPACK nor Embedded_SDK (i.e. MicroBlaze/All Programmable SoC Software Development Kit) licenses would have an XPS feature, as it not intended to come with these free licenses.

Hope the above is clear.

Kind Regards,
Anatoli Curran,
Xilinx Technical Support

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