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local xilinx directory for license file

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local xilinx directory for license file


I've generated a license file for my laptop. When I use Vivado License Manager, it copies my license file in my home directory on my company network. But I want also to work outside from the company network, during business trips... And then I won't be connected to this network. So the home xilinx directory should be a local directory. I can I do that ? Vivado License Manager don't provide an option to specify the directory to store the license file.




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Re: local xilinx directory for license file

Hello Arnaud,


The license file was copied to network drive since your network drive was configured as home drive.

Follow below steps to change your home drive:


1. Open Command Prompt

2. Run the command: echo %homedrive%

3. Set the environmental variable: homedrive to C: (local drive)

4. Now copy the license again and it will copy the license to C: drive.





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Re: local xilinx directory for license file



Refer below answer record:



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Re: local xilinx directory for license file

My %HOMEDRIVE% is automatically mapped to a network drive, however I would like to also be able to use Vivado when offline. Is there any way to make it use C:\ instead?

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Re: local xilinx directory for license file

Hi @chrclausen, you can open the Vivado License Manager (Start > Xilinx Design Tools > Manage Xilinx Licenses) and select the "Manage License Search Paths" option. You can then set a folder/file of your choice in the XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE area from which licenses will be picked up.

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