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Registered: ‎05-04-2018

unified installer hang (how to avoid) and resume install after download!

Hit the unified installer hang, reported elsewhere here, today.  During "file optimization" it wedged my entire Windows 10 laptop - used ALL the memory, at %100 disk I/O, forced everything out to swap, and froze the desktop (mouse, keys, ctl-alt-delete).  Looked like a major memory leak... Had to cold boot.  Why are we doing file optimization on solid state drives?

The work-around is as Xilinx support has said: in the installer _disable_ the option (under "preferences") to optimize files after install.

But I then discovered how to get the installer to recognize already downloaded files!  Use a cmd console, "cd:\Xilinx", "rmdir /s .xinstall DocNav Vitis Vivado" (it takes forever), leave the C:\Xilinx\Downloads and xic directories intact, and rerun the installer (Xilinx_Unified_2020.1_0602_1208_Win64.exe - it is probably in your <user>\Downloads directory).  This time, for me, it did not whine about a non-empty install directory and proceeded to (briefly) say "Validating downloaded files" (before saying "Downloading" again - which it clearly was not doing).  So yea, the installer knows about resume, it just lies about having to use a new download directory.

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Registered: ‎05-08-2017

Hi @duanev ,

We appreciate your information and troubleshooting with this behavior. This is noted and will be looked into.

Thank you,

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