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Registered: ‎07-31-2019

DDR and MIPI in same HP bank

Hello ,

We are using XAZU7EV packages is FBVB900 in our Design.

We have requirement of 64 bit DDR interface and 2X 4 MIPI interface. This two interfaces are configured in HP bank, The 64 Bit DDR signal are mapped in HP bank(Bank 64,65&66) and 2X 4 MIPI signals also mapped in same HP bank (Bank 64). Here Bank 64 is used to DDR signal as well as MIPI signals and the bank 64 voltage is 1.2V both working in same voltage.

Is it possible to configure DDR and MIPI interface in the same Bank(Bank 64). Please confirm about electrical speciation combabilities and other specifications.



Gajendiran A

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