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Registered: ‎04-05-2021

How to use VC709 SRAM?

Hello everyone, I tried to add MIG IP core to the reference router project to read and write SRAM.
I am not sure if I am doing this right? Can someone help me please?
First, in order to generate MIG IP core in the reference router project. I added these lines of code to reference_router_bd.tcl file (in line 69~77). The parameter setting of MIG refers to the file mig_a.prj. But I am not sure if this parameter setting is correct?
But I successfully generated MIG IP core in the reference router project.
I imitated MIG's original example design (example_top.v) and wrote the file sram_top1

.v.And add a few lines of reading and writing code to router_output_port_lookup.v (in line 517~569). But I still can't read and write SRAM.

Can someone give me some suggestions? Or what am I doing wrong?

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