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Newbie heyimrj3
Registered: ‎04-15-2016

Sending Data from IP Core then to DDR?

Hi all,


I was wondering if there are any examples sending data from an IP Core to a DDR? I'm trying to receive data addresses sent from an ARM processor to an IP Core, then sending the data in the addresses given to a DDR Memory. 



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Participant pete_128
Registered: ‎04-02-2016

Re: Sending Data from IP Core then to DDR?

Are you using Zynq?

If so, you can attach IP cores to the various Slave interfaces for the Zynq PS. A common configuration is to use the AXI DMA core, and attach that to the HP AXI Slave port of Zynq, and use AXI stream as the interface for your IP core. If you search the forum for those terms you should find quite a few threads with deeper information.


If your ARM is off-chip and you are using an FPGA part the you need a MIG (Memory interface generator). Create a memory IP matching your DDR part then put an AXI bus which connects through to your IP.



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