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Registered: ‎02-24-2021

xmd vs xsct memory write speed


I currently have a process by which we upload using `dow -data` a little binary (binary, not an elf or anything) file which just writes lots of 0xff to memory for board recovery. When using SDK 2016.2 xmd manages to run this binary and memory gets filled with 0xff very quickly.

I am trying to update to use 2020.2 Vitis with xsct. Exactly the same process, with the same ps7_init.tcl and the same binary results in the binary writing 0xff very very very slowly to memory. It is writing in the order of 800 bytes a second. Where as before I was getting at least 10 mega bytes a second (probably a lot more).

I assume there is some trapping happening somewhere or the controllers aren't quite initialised correctly. How do I make xsct do what xmd does?

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