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Registered: ‎04-13-2017

Bank Sharing Among two MIG Controllers



I am trying to connect two DDR3s to a Kintex-7. I would like to connect each DDR3 using two MIG. Basically, I know that it is not possible to share a bank when using two MIG. However, I have seen the following on UG586 (page 194).



Bank Sharing Among Controllers

No unused part of a bank used in a memory interface is permitted to be shared with another memory interface. The dedicated logic that controls all the FIFOs and phasers in a bank is designed to only operate with a single memory interface and cannot be shared with other memory interfaces. With the exception of the shared address and control in the dual controller supported in the MIG core.



Could you tell me what the red comment above mean?

If setting MIG as below, does it mean that address and control can be shared on a bank?





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Registered: ‎11-28-2016

Re: Bank Sharing Among two MIG Controllers

Hello @blingbling-eyes,


Looking back at earlier versions of UG586 this seems to be an artifact from a brief period of time when the concept of bank sharing among controllers was in the plans to be a supported feature but was quickly dropped due to the design complexities to allow for such a limited use case.  You can check out Chapter 5 in UG586 and see that one on the high level bullets in the Multicontroller Design section says that bank sharing between controllers is not allowed. 


I filed a documentation change request to get these instances removed from the various chapters throughout UG586.

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