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Slower controller interfacing to high-speed DDR3

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Slower controller interfacing to high-speed DDR3

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I am planning to use Micron DDR3 SDRAM device: MT41K1G8SN-125 in my next board. The board will have Virtex-6 FPGA. In the data sheet of this device, I am seeing that its data rate is 1600 MT/s (clock = 800 MHz).


When I am using MIG, I see that the only base part which comes close to this device is MT41J1G4THU-15E. I want to know whether this is the correct base part, especially since the device I have selected is 1GX8, while the base part is 1GX4. What can I do to match the controller with my device correctly. 


I also see that the only speed supported by MIG for this base part is 303.03 MHz. I want to know whether the DDR3 device can be operated at such low speeds. The datasheet of the device only provides timing information up to 400 MHz.





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Re: Slower controller interfacing to high-speed DDR3

Hi @atrajesh


As discussed in the SR, the period is greyed out in MIG as it is auto-propagated in EDK environment.


Also number of data bits per strobe for MT41J1G4THU-15E is 4 however in your memory device its 8 data bits per strobe. You need to choose a part which has 8 bits per strobe and increase its density by increasing number of address bits.

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Re: Slower controller interfacing to high-speed DDR3

Hi @atrajesh


I want to use exactly the same micron chip in my design (MT41K1G8SN-125) . But the part that seems to be the closest is the MT41K1G8TRF-125. But it's a twindie with two chipselect, that does not match with MT41K1G8SN-125.


Wich part you finally selected atrajesh ?