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JESD204B One-shot SYSREF

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JESD204B One-shot SYSREF



I'm implementing a JESD204B receiver on a Kintex 7 connected to an AD9694 ADC using Vivado 2016.2.  I'm attempting to use a one-shot SYSREF pulse to synchronize the AD9694 transmitter and the K7 receiver.  After resetting and configuring the ADC and the K7 JESD204B core, I generate a SYSREF pulse.  The AD9694 registers report that they saw a SYSREF pulse, but the JESD204B core does not - register 0x038 reports 0x00 (no SYSREF detected) and 0x03C shows 0x0033 (lanes have CGS and are receiving alignment characters, but have not started ILA).  If I manually trigger SYSREF again, the link comes alive and I start receiving data, but the latency is not deterministic (since the ADC already synced to the first pulse). 


Has anyone else successfully used a one-shot SYSREF in a similar situation?  I'm experimenting with a short train of SYSREF pulses with a period that's a multiple of the multiframe, but based on the documentation a simple one-shot signal ought to be sufficient.





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Re: JESD204B One-shot SYSREF

you can refer the xilinx Jesd204b core example design .

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回复: JESD204B One-shot SYSREF

Hi,I have the same problem,Have you solved it? 

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回复: JESD204B One-shot SYSREF

No, when I next have time I'll try the latest version of Vivado and the JESD core and see if it was just a bug that got fixed at some point.