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Registered: ‎04-13-2017

PHY loop back using Marvell 88e1512


I'm doing phy loop back using the marvell 88e1512 IC, I was able to do that with register configuration but receiving data from board was mismatching with the actual data we are sending, we observe when we are phy loopm back when we send 1 packet of data , on tx data(output from MAC) is getting 1 high pulse(100u sec), when we are not sending anything we are getting noise on the tx_lines(output from mac), so we removed all  the tx_data, tx_ctrl, tx_clk (which are output from mac connected to phy) after that loop back is not happening,

any one having any idea about this( link is establishing, I can see the mdio signals on CRO) ??????????


according PHY data sheet during phy loop back data from mac will be ignored.( when all tx lines are present we are able to do the loop back, when we removed all the tx lines we are unable to do phy loop back, i'm not understanding this behaviour) 



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