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Vivado XAUI Implementation Problem

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Registered: ‎08-26-2013

Vivado XAUI Implementation Problem


During implementation of XAUI in kintex 7 , there's some questions listed below:


1- Why Using XAUI core causes lock fail on a custom board and in compare, 7 series transceiver core with xaui configuration locks and fsmresetdone is ok? Which significant clear differences exists between these two?


2- Transceiver-based implementation core has clock outputs on RXCLKout2 and TXCLKout2 ports but not on FABRICCLKOUT and PCSCLKOUT ports in implementation. Transceivers Doc. says these ports are same with RXCLKOUT port priority for new designs and simulation shows clk on these three ports simultaneously but in contrary, implementation shows clock only on RXCLKOUT2 and TXCLKOUT2. Why?


3- QSFP Cable attached to this board with 4 channel active transceiver(but with mentioned conditions and problem) and connected to a standard QSFP NIC do not change state of NIC's indicator LEDs and seems this cable is not ok but all hardware pins like vcc, GND and RESETL etc are in the true state. Is there any points here?