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Zynq 7 interface to a ethernet PHY

I need to connect Zynq 7 to a enthernet PHY, and have two questions:


  1. If the MDIO interface support a 10/100MHz PHY, such as DP83640?
  2. If I need use termination resistors with the RGMII pin, such as TX_D[3:0]?
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Re: Zynq 7 interface to a ethernet PHY

1.  Yes.  MDIO should work as long as the voltages are compatible.

2.  No.  RGMII termination resistors may be needed at 1Gb/s, but you won't have problems at 100Mb/s.


Whilst that answers the questions you asked, it doesn't touch the question you didn't ask, which is how do you expect to connect RGMII to a PHY (such as DP83640) that doesn't support that interface?


I suggest either:

  • using a PHY that does support RGMII
  • using an interface that is supported (such as RMII) on the DP83640.  I think this would only be possible on the PL, not on the PS/MIO.