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Visitor lzb1992426
Registered: ‎05-10-2014

a question about the voltage fpga can output

Hellow,i am a beginner on fpga,recently i encountered some problems and i wander if someone could explain them for me,I would appreciate your help.

1、My fpga is virtex4xc4vsx25,I set some bi-directional ios‘ standard to be LVCMOS18,but those ios cannot  output the voltage of 1.8V,i don't know why.

2、Which  type of fpga in xilinx series can output the 1.8V voltage,which parameter in Datasheet could tell me that.There are many parameters in datasheet you know,some of these parameters confuse me and  i donnot know what they really mean.

3、Actually I want to connect the fpga with TI  DSP (TMS320C6678),but the IO stantard are not  matching,the DSP are 1.8V's system and my fpga can only output the 3.3V's voltage, i don't know how to solve this problem.

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎07-23-2012

Re: a question about the voltage fpga can output


What is the VCCO voltage of the bank that you are monitoring? Is it connected to 1.8V?

What is the voltage that you see on these outputs?

The IOSTANDARDs are universal standards (not xilinx specific). What is the IOSTANDARD of TI DSP's inputs?

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