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Registered: ‎02-05-2008

Frequently Asked Technical Questions

This post is designed to point you to the answers to the technical questions most frequntly asked here on our User Community. It will be edited over time, as the links below get updated and as other Frequently Asked Questions arise:


1) Configuration Questions: Go to the Configuration Solutions Center


2) Timing Constraint/Timing Closure Questions: Use the following resources:

 - Constraint User Guide

 - Constraints Guide


3) Licensing Questions: Use Answer Record 32301


4) Downloading ISE Questions: Use Answer Record 45752


5) MIG Questions: Go to the MIG Solutions Center


6) Chipscope Questions: Go to the Chipscope Solutions Center


7) Simulation Questions: Use the following resources:

 - ISim User Guide

 - ISim In-Depth Tutorial

 - Synthesis and Simulation Design Guide

 - Xilinx Command Line Tools Reference Guide, Chapter 25 on CompXlib

 - Answer Record 33715 – How do I compile Xilinx simulation libraries?

 - Answer Record 33275 – What is SecureIP and how do I use it?



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