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Registered: ‎11-18-2016

Suggest on Xilinx - SDK - Proggramming Through Ethernet -Reg

The below diagram shows the hardware set up of my customized Zynq board.


Presently we are programming QSPI Flash through JTAG

  • Bin(*.bit, Fsbl.elf., User_Application.elf).

But we need to program User_Application.elf in Parallel NOR Flash which has connected to PL(Programmable Logic) through Ethernet.


For that we have assigned AXI addresses to Parallel NOR Flash and connected on AXI Bus.


Our requirement is zynq has to boot from QSPI flash and it has to execute the User_Application.elf from Parallel nor flash.



Boot.Bin(*.bit, Fsbl.elf., TFTP_Application.elf). to QSPI Flash


User_Application.Bin(User_Application.elf) to PARALLEL Flash


Please suggest possible way or sample codes to develop the application


Thanks & Regards

Kasarla Ganesh, H/W Engineer, ACL

Vidhya Dharan, S/W Engineer,ACL


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