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Newbie rickyw
Registered: ‎05-16-2018

0 76.7 modprobe virtio:d00000007v00000000 CPU usage problem

HI All,

I have an issue with processor loading related to openamp on the zynq 7000 series.

We use freertos on the second core and are on a relatively old 2016.1 petalinux.

I have updated the kernel to 2017.4 and everything seams ok apart from significant cpu usage of the remoteproc module on the linux core once the second core starts running freeRTOS.

We need the new kernel for network bridge support etc and unfortunately not in a position in the project to update to a whole new petalinux at this point.


top shows:

954   953 root     R     2272  1.1   0 76.7 modprobe virtio:d00000007v00000000


the 76.7 being %CPU and it does go higher.  Any ideas on what would cause this if the linux applications that communicate with the second core are not loaded and this still occurs?  anything in the kernel config that could do this?  it happens after the second core is started. 

Or maybe an incorrect device tree setting?


The device tree snippet is:

/ {
reserved-memory {
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <1>;
rproc_0_reserved: rproc@00000000 {
reg = <0x00000000 0x02000000>;
// reg = <0x00000000 0x01000000>;

amba {
elf_ddr_0: ddr@0 {
compatible = "mmio-sram";
reg = <0x0 0x2000000>;
remoteproc0: remoteproc@0 {
compatible = "xlnx,zynq_remoteproc";
interrupt-parent = <&intc>;
interrupts = <0 37 4 0 38 4>;
firmware = "firmware";
vring0 = <15>;
vring1 = <14>;
sram_0 = <&elf_ddr_0>;





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Registered: ‎05-10-2017

Re: 0 76.7 modprobe virtio:d00000007v00000000 CPU usage problem

You can check the 2017.4 user guide for OpenAMP to see what changes have been made with respect to the kernel configs and device-tree. We do not support mismatched versions of Petalinux/XSDK. How much was the CPU usage before you upgraded the kernel version?

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