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Registered: ‎08-10-2018

[2018.2] FYI meta-openamp rpmsg-proxy-app

For the 2018.2 tools, I just finished getting the rpmsg-proxy-app working concurrently.  The version of the proxy_app.c file in the Xilinx meta-openamp GitHub repo will not work for running on both R5-0 and R5-1 concurrently.


Couple of notes:

* I use gtkterm for the console and to run the R5-0 app

* I ssh to the machine to run the R5-0 app

* I changed the name of the firmware to match what I call it

* It's not 100% cleaned up, there are still console messages for the R5-1 session which show up in the R5-0 session


I've attached my edited version of proxy_app.c which works concurrently on both R5s:


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