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Visitor hubas82

AMP on Zynq: Cortex-A9 and MicroBlaze

I have an AMP design on a Zynq 7020 with the Cortex-A9 as Master and a MicroBlaze as a Remotecore. The MicroBlaze uses the PS DDR-RAM. Now I want to load the Firmware for the MicroBlaze with the Remoteproc mechanism. I've created a Platform-Driver for the MicroBlaze similar to the exisiting "zynq_remoteproc". I've made all addings in the DeviceTree and after booting I have a "remoteproc0" device. When I want to start the remoteproc0 with a firmware I got the error

"pad phdr da 0x1f000000 mem 0x28"

What could cause this failure?

The memory region from 0x1f000000 to 0x1fffffff is reserved in Linux for the remoteproc and the MicroBlaze is configured to run from the address 0x1f000000. The MicroBlaze Firmware has an empty Resource Table coz I don't need communication over RpMsg (yet).


I use Vivado / SDK 2017.4 and PetaLinux 2017.4


I know that this AMP-Setup is not official supported by Xilinx. But maybe someone could give me a hint anyway.







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