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Registered: ‎11-17-2018

Baremetal app for OpenAMP

Hello All,

I have sucessfully run pre-built echo_test for Linux on CPU0 & Baremetal (echo_test) on CPU1. 

Now I want to execute echo_test built in SDK for OpenAMP. 

I have created application named 1907Openamp with the following command:

$petalinux-create -t apps -n 1907Openamp --enable

I also have selected OpenAMP Echo-Test template while creating a new project in SDK.

Following are the files getting included in the OpenAMP Demo project for Echo-Test:

  1. echo_test.c
  2. rsc_table.c
  3. platform_info.c
  4. helper.c

My question is, I am including all the .c files in the application and making changes accordingly in the Makefile and .bb file.

But I am getting compilation errors as following:




Following is the screenshot of my directory structure and makefile








Considering the present direcotry structure and Makefile, I am not able to find how Petalinux is not able to find header files even after setting Include file paths in the Makefile.

I have explictly run the Makefile using "make" command, but I couldnt find the same error repeated as those occur after Petalinux-build.



So I have a couple of questions regarding the whole scenario:

for1. Am I doing everything right in explicitely including echo_test and the rest of the files (like rsc_table.c, helper.c, etc) in the Makefile for custom Bare Metal app?

2. Why petalinux environment is not able to find inclusion files in the Makefile?



Please help me reagarding this matter







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