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Registered: ‎09-29-2016

Linux to load MFS file into specific RAM address

I am using 2018.3 tools with a custom board with a Zynq Ultrascale+

I used mfsgen to create a web page file (image.mfs). 

Originally, I used one A53 processor.  When creating the BOOT.BIN using the "Create Boot Image" in Xilinx SDK, I added a partition of datafile with a specific load address for the image.mfs.  Upon boot-up my application was able to use the memory file system image.mfs found at that memory address in RAM.  this all worked fine.

However, now I am running Linux on one A53 processor and using Remoteproc to boot my original application in one R5 processor.  Remoteproc uses the elf file for my application, but does not include image.mfs.

How do I now put the image.mfs into the specific address in RAM, that my application running on the R5 expects to see it?

Thank you for any guidance on this,


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