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OpenAMP for FreeRtos and BareMetal on Zynq7020

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OpenAMP for FreeRtos and BareMetal on Zynq7020

hey everyone,

I have a short question. Is it possible to run on a zynq720, the core0: FreeRtos and core1: baremetal application?


Like in UG1186 described, and also in older versions, there is always the core0: Linux and core1: baremetal application/FreeRtos. Another old version from 2014 (xapp1079) showed two baremetal processors.


But, does anyone know if "core0: FreeRtos and core1: baremetal" is possible and also knows a good example?


Best regards,


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Re: OpenAMP for FreeRtos and BareMetal on Zynq7020

Hi Sebastian,


For Zynq-7000 the openamp configuration possible is linux master on core0 (a9-0)and either baremetal or freertos remote on core1 (a9-1). This is the only supported configuration as demonstrated in UG1186

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