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Registered: ‎03-03-2017

Some question about openAMP on zynq 7000

I'm starting to work with openAMP and I've been able to run the examples using petalinux (2017.4). To this end I followed the steps described in UG1186. However, I needed to add some modifications:

  1. First, I had to use in netboot offset the address 0x20000000, because leaving the address specified (0x11000000) was not allowing the linux to boot, as described here. I don't know what this modification implies, but it works. Can you explain the reasons behind these modifications?
  2. Second, system-conf.ftsi was modified using the file found in this thread, instead of the one proposed in UG1186.

Now I would like to implement a system where I have Linux in CPU0 and bare-metal in CPU1. The bare-metal firmware acquires high volumes of data and stores it in the RAM via DMA. In my case I have a 1GB RAM. This code works perfectly when running in a single core. If now it is going to be run in CPU1, will CPU0 be able to access to the data stored in the RAM by CPU1? Should I implement any additional configuration?

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