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Registered: ‎08-29-2018

microblaze openamp IPI probleam

Hi, I was trying to use microblaze to realize openamp echo-test example. I have checked https://github.com/OpenAMP/open-amp/issues/135, so I could only use it in linux userspace. I have already designed my vivado project(refer to https://xilinx-wiki.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/A/pages/18841793/Utilizing+PS+memory+to+execute+Microblaze+application+on+Zynq+Ultrascale?search_id=a14232a6-1b0e-40fa-acd1-3fd39a4c94fc), then lanched to SDK and build my microblaze echo-test application. On the other side, I got my petalinux project ready. However, when I started the test, it seems that microblaze side never got the IPI inerrupt message from linux, which means that linux side send a number and receive nothing from microblaze side.

Microblaze app have already finished rpmsg initialization and start polling, so I think it?did not get IPI interrupt.

Here is my console:

root@mb-test:~# echo_test-openamp
metal: info: metal_uio_dev_open: No IRQ for device 3ed40000.vring.
metal: info: metal_uio_dev_open: No IRQ for device 3ed40000.vring.
metal: info: metal_uio_dev_open: No IRQ for device 3ed80000.shm.
1 - Send data to remote core, retrieve the echo and validate its integrity ..
Remote proc resource initialized.

And here is my terminal(from my sdk echo-test project):

Starting application...
Try to init remoteproc resource

Init remoteproc resource succeeded
Waiting for events...

Here is my microblaze code.

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Registered: ‎08-29-2018

Re: microblaze openamp IPI probleam

I find microblaze have its libmetal library in SDK , although it was quite different from r5 libmetal library. I wonder that how can microblaze receive IPI interrupt from A53 just like r5 do.
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