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Registered: ‎03-03-2011

7VX690T-RF1761 Virtex7 Lid Material/Composition

Hi -

We’re in the process of purchasing dummy die from Topline to use in our test vehicle. We also know we can get Topline’s dummy die with lid material/composition in either stamped 98Cu/2Ni or Al-SiC. I’m having some issues browsing through Xilinx UG’s to figure out what the lid material and composition is for 7VX690T-RF1761 Virtex7?

I came across a product change notice from Xilinx, see attached “XCN16004 - Forged to Stamped XCN16004 - Lid Conversion for Monolithic FPGA Flip Chip Packages.pdf” that refers to selected 31mm and 35mm FC packages will remain be Stamped Lid Ni Plated (Cu 98Cu/2Ni) but it does not list the 690T on the change notice.

My question is, can someone help verify the lid material/composition for the 7VX690T-RF1761 Virtex7 as this will help generate an accurate CTEs, thermal and reliability projection and most importantly, help us order the right dummy die from Topline?


Ade Sanusi

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Re: 7VX690T-RF1761 Virtex7 Lid Material/Composition

Hello @sanusi21 

You can package specifications for your device at :

You need check material declaration datasheet for package of your device.

For example XC7VX690T with package FFG1761 check for and pk555_ffg1761_ipc.pdf


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