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Registered: ‎06-27-2019

Assign Pmod pins in Vivado on TE0701-06CF

Currently I am working with a TE0701-06CF baseboard with a TE0720 SoC.

With that I have two Pmod tools connected to the board, one with a button, the other with a led. For testing it shall blink once I press the button.

My problem is, that once I try to access the Pmod pins in Vivado:
Input: Y16, W16, Y18, AA18, W18, W17, Y19, AA19
Ouput: G6, C4, B6, E6

it tells me, that they are invalid package pins. But if the number is between 16 and 21, it perfectly works.

I already looked up other forum questions, but they could not really help me. Has anybody an idea?

Best Whishes

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