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Observer cspatha
Registered: ‎05-29-2013

Common mode voltage in GTZ transceivers



we have been working on a connection between a VC7222 Virtex 7 board and a custom board using the GTZ transceivers. 


The problem we face is that we would like to operate the GTZ transceivers with zero common mode voltage as these are the specs of the custom board we have.


From the datasheet of the transceivers I  see that the single ended common mode voltage VCMOUTDC c is related solely to VMGTZAVCC. Since the nominal value  of VMGTZAVCC is close to 1 V, I wonder if there is any way to reduce the common mode voltage to 0 V. I suppose that VMGTZAVCC cannot be set to 0 V as well since it is the driving voltage of the Tx output driver.


Any suggestions?


Thank you very much,


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