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Registered: ‎03-16-2020

External multiplexer for XADC in Zynq 7020


I have been using the Zynq 7020 and its XADC module. Unfortunately I have 18 analog inputs in my application and the XADC has only 17 analog inputs. Due to this fact I have decided to use external multiplexer. The situation is complicated by the requirement to sample two pairs of analog inputs simultaneously. To fulfill this requirement I have to connect individual inputs from the pairs of simultaneously sampled analog signals to different ADCs (ADC_A, ADC_B). My question is whether it is possible in case I am using external multiplexer to configure XADC for Simultaneous sampling mode for two sample/conversion sequences and then reconfigure XADC via software running in ARM Cortex A9 to work in Single channel mode for several sample/conversion sequences and then reconfigure again to simultaneous sampling mode and so on.

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