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Visitor chlwogns414
Registered: ‎12-06-2018

How to use xadc from Artix-7

I am using IC that detects voltage.

I need to change that analog signals to digital signals to operate something I intended which is from IC that I am using.

Actually, I heard there is "xadc" that I can use.

but I don't know how to use it... the port that I have is input port 'active_en', 'reset', 'clock', reg output 'operate_en',

But when I saw "xadc IP" there were too many port.


It is confusing me....

If it is possible can I make xadc IP with those 4 port to detect analog signal about 200mV to 3V???

I will be appreciate if I can see process by captured image thank you.

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Teacher drjohnsmith
Registered: ‎07-09-2009

Re: How to use xadc from Artix-7

The ADC built into some devices, the XADC,

    can read the volatges you mention,


page 79 shows the analog input attenuation you could use.

if you rnew to ADC's, I'd suggest you search around the analog companies like Ti and ADI, they have some wonderfull tech notes on general ADC's / filtering.



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