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Registered: ‎12-21-2020

Program The Prom Only Not Connected To The FPGA

I have 2 JTAG Connectors on the board. One goes to the FPGA the other goes to a Micron M25QL128 SPI PROM. For debug and FPGA program the FPGA connector is used. However, I need to program the PROM alone. I can use the bit file or convert using Impact to .mcs or hex or whatever. I have a USB to JTAG Cable which connects directly from PC's USB port to SPI PROM JTAG connector. I need the software, Xilinx or other, to talk directly to the SPI Prom JTAG Connector. (The PROM is not the XCF Xilinx type PROM. According to Impact User Guide this is the only PROM type Impact can directly talk to.) To get the PROM to talk to the FPGA a Bridge Connector is used. (Hence PROM now connected to FPGA and from this FPGA is configured on power up.)

Need PROM Programming Software, Xilinx or Other, which talks directly to the PROM from USB to JTAG.

Open for suggestions?


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