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Registered: ‎05-27-2020

Questions related to Xilinx PCN XTP526 (v1.1) March 30, 2020

Reference : Table 13, section 5.1 Non-tin plating                                  
Non-tin plating such as Nickel/Palladium/Gold, Nickel/Gold or Nickel/Palladium, do not have Sn whisker problems and should be considered for lead-frame applications.  This plating a more than a ten year history of field use, 1992 to present [29].  Non-tin plating, however, does have other potential issues including adhesion to mold compounds which need to be evaluated prior to product conversion.
Questions :                                     
1) The PPF lead frame in the subject PCN contains Nickel/Palladium/Gold/Copper. Does that make it  susceptible to the potential issues as mentioned?                        
2) If the answer is yes, how do we evaluate the impact?                                 
3) If issues are found as a result of evaluation e.g. adhesion to mold compounds, what do we do next?                             
4) What are the other potential issues and what is the resolution?                                
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