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Registered: ‎12-22-2016

Virtex 6 internal test chips

What version of ISE does support the XC6VLX115T-FF1156 part? (which is mentioned in various UG's for timing and resource usage examles for V6 generation). While the part being in 1156 package, the only available fact information - the BSDL file - points to the fact that it has less IO banks and compares more to the LX75 part in that respect. The reliability report tells "The XC6VLX115T device is an internal product qualification vehicle". Interesting to see, that the production of this ran in parallel with a mass produced LX240T. Were those 115T parts shared silicon with disabled blocks, or a totally different set of masks and die size?


There is also a ML662 board with such a part - were the schematics of that released to users, or it is purely an internal test board (to likely run the few memory interface UG code) ?


And while looking for BSDL's, I found another unusual one - LX40. It would be nice if we can at least read about these parts somewhere, without a need of getting employed in Xilinx and the obvious time-travelling issue :)



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