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Registered: ‎01-09-2018

What are the other architectures?

Dearest Readers,

I am using the FPGA since years starting with the X4000 in 1998

I was always very clear in what the FPGA was doing and I could use RTL languages to create a design

Now some people have introduced changes where the new products seem to be different to the old ones

I know it is great to go forward but if no one expains what the new products do how can one use them

Are the new FPGA architectures also synthesised with RTL? 

Are the new FPGA architectures coming with the names like Alveo/Versal are they also synthesised with RTL?

My basic question is if the new architectures are synthesised or are they programmed?

I am referring to the macrocells are they synthesised or are they programmed in any new architectures?

I also wish to know if there is some documentation on the systolic arrays, are they synthesised or programmed?

I would appreciate to be briefed on those new and exciting technologies?

I have not bought any Ultrascales because the Price/Slice was slightly better in the 7 Series on my end and for

the new generations I have no idea where the product-selection-guide can be found?

I need to know

1. where is the product brief of the new FPGA's and

2. if they are synthesised or if the Slice connections are re-programmable by user code?

Thanks for Replying

Greetings to All.

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎06-18-2019

Appreciate you focuing on the FPGA for many years.

With the development of the AI and the communication, the calculation on chip is more and more important.

As one of the calculation unit, FPGA will not just a parallel logic unit as well. It should be combine with the os, ip, apps and so on.

So the Versal is the xlinx innovation. It is not only improve on the hardware(7ns, low power, 40G, processors, etc), but also change the design flow. The designer can do the FPGA design from the Software(based on HLS, IPs) as beginning, and generate the hardware design according to the application which is include the kinds of processor(apu, gpu, rpu, fpga, etc) for designer to choose.

It is a big change, right?

for your question:

1、the versal introduction is at And more documents will be released soon.

2、Yes. If you want to know the news of the new FPGAs, you can follwo our blog.

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Registered: ‎01-09-2018

VM2902 has  984,576 LUT

XCVU440 has  2,532,960 LUT

Hence I infer that the unit Versal  is rather focussing on DSP slices to be used for AI/ML convolutions & math. What is the $ of one VM2902

What is the FPGA that has the best LUT/$ (with of course the max number LUT in one)?


Thanks for informing - 

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