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Registered: ‎07-18-2017

package dependent ESD CDM for 7 series is missing

Requesting details on the CDM ESD test results of XC7VX330T. The Device Reliability Report only lists one value for the transceiver (+/-250V) for XC7VX330T. The FPGAs come in many package sizes and the CDM ESD is a strong function of the package size. There is no mention of different CDM ESD results for various package sizes. I am interested in CDM ESD result of XC7VX330T-1FFG1761C. This large package will have a very different CDM ESD than the smaller packages for the same product family, but that information is missing in the Device Reliability Report. Is the 250V CDM ESD Value given for the worst-case condition (largest package)? Could the large package (1FFG1761) be worse than 250V CDM ESD?

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