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Registered: ‎07-21-2015

AC701 Transmitted Packets Not Received by WireShark



I am trying to get the AC701 board to send a simple packet of data using the Tri Mode Ethernet v8.2 Vivado core. In simulation, my code seems to be working fine indicating outputs on the rgmii_txc, rgmii_tx_ctl, and rgmii_txd lines (along with the tx_statistics_vector indicating a successful frame transfer).


However, when I download the bitstream onto the board that is when I get my problem. After the MAC has been configured (indicated by an LED), I press a pushbutton on the board to initiate the packet transfer. It appears that the PHY acknowldeges that data is trying to be sent, some of the PHY LEDs on the AC701 start to rapidly flash. But when using Wireshark to monitor the data transfer my specific packet is not detected.


I'm pretty sure the problem isn't with Wireshark because when I tried to analyze the packets created by the Vivado example project, Wireshark was detecting those packets just fine. 



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