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Newbie anteliso
Registered: ‎07-11-2017

Artix 7 XC7A35T VCC0 power pin not connected

Hi everyone,

I'm using the Artix 7 XC7A35T-2FTG256I and I just realized we didn't connect one of the VCC0_35 power pins (pin A6).

Are all the power pins internally connected or all of them have to be powered?
Is it possible that this may cause any malfunctionning on bank 35 or the internal communication with other banks?


Thanks in advance for you help.

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Scholar austin
Registered: ‎02-27-2008

Re: Artix 7 XC7A35T VCC0 power pin not connected

All Vcco pins in a bank are connected together,


Not connecting one of them may affect signal integrity (Vcco bounce when many IO transition on the same clock edge -- simultaneous switching outputs - SSO).


As long as all voltages at the IO pins remain withing the recommended limits, and at or below the absolute maximum limits, everything is just fine.

Austin Lesea
Principal Engineer
Xilinx San Jose
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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-01-2012

Re: Artix 7 XC7A35T VCC0 power pin not connected

We recommend to connect all power pins of supply rail without missing. If you miss connect  any power pin to supply rail then one of the below problems may occures

1) In case of  full loads (using all IO pins)  there could be significant voltage drop

2) Power bounce, Ground bounce kind of problems

3) Improper decoupling


FYI: In case of less loads, lesser switching frequency cases there might not be problem in some cases. But we can not give any guarantee 


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