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Visitor val_r
Registered: ‎09-09-2018

SDIF-3 Audio Interface - help a newbie

Hi folks!


I'm a newbie, very new to the exciting FPGA-VHDL design world, trying to design an encoder for the SDIF-3 audio coding (a sort of Manchester coding scheme), -code attached-

Signal generated from an external audio ADC board must get encoded by this design.


Simulation actually works just fine.

I'm actually using a Basys3/Artix 7 to experiment, then I'm planning to migrate to a CPLD.


From the official Sony's document, this is what the SDIF3 encoding does:




Since the A/D conversion chip already works with an external MCLK, I thought to use it to generate an internally divided

i_clk which is a double-data bit rate, i.e. the 'Clock' signal in the above picture. 


Unfortunately, because of skew (I think), encoding is prone to error.

The following is a scope snap of "data_l" input (ch1, yellow), and the encoded output "out_l" (ch2, blue):



not quite correct! :(


I did measure the dsd bitclock generated from the ADC board, and the "i_clk" divided DDR clock, which governs the process,

I've measured around 21ns of skew.

The following snap shows i_clk(ch1), and dsdclk (ch2, blue):




Can this be the cause of uncorrect encoding?

What would be the best way to correct this? Re-sync dsd-data to i_clk? how?

Please see my code attached below.


Any hint/help greatly appreciated!

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Visitor val_r
Registered: ‎09-09-2018

Re: SDIF-3 Audio Interface - help a newbie

Okay, changed little things in my new code (attached):

initialized  y_reg signal to '0', assigned DFF outputs to out_l and out_r instead of passing through intermediate signals.


Now it seems to work smoothly for the DSD 1x stream, (2.8224MHz original data, 5.6448MHz internal clock i_clk ).

In this configuration the external 22.5792MHz clock is divided by 4 to get the 5.6448MHz internal clock.


In the DSD 2x configuration, where the original data stream is doubled, at 5.6448Mbps, and i_clk is 11.2896MHz, being divided by 2 from the external Master clock, 

I encounter a sync problem, the internal divided clock, i_clk , switches a little before the datastream transitions, causing incorrect coding.


The following is the scope snap of incorrect 5.6Mbps encoding, Ch1 (yellow) is the original input data stream,

Ch 2 (blue) is the encoded stream:





and the snap of datastream (yellow), against out-of-sync i_clk (blue):



clock is leading data.


Correct encoding should look like the following snap (at 2.8224Mbps):



How can I correct this?

Any hint?


Thank you in advance!

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Visitor val_r
Registered: ‎09-09-2018

Re: SDIF-3 Audio Interface - help a newbie

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