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Registered: ‎01-08-2019

Virtex-5 (XC5VFX130T) VCCINT supply current

Hi! I'm in the process of powering up my 8 pieces of XC5VFX130T boards.

1.0V for the VCCINT, 2.5V for the VCCAUX, and 3.3V for VCCO. The power supplies are turned on in the order recommended by the spec sheets. So VCCINT -> VCCAUX -> VCCO,and the ramp time is satisfied with ds202 table-6.

There is no bitstream load in XC5VFX130T under the test for temporary.

The test time of all these boards is very short, so I'm sure the temperature of the FPGA is not too high.

 In my design, there are small resistors(12 milliohm) connected in series to the power supply so I can measure its current.

Now I find the STATIC supply current of VCCINT is different from each other but stable.

board1: 0.625A

board2: 0.642A

board3: 0.733A

board4: 0.850A

board5: 0.883A

board6: 1.117A

board7: 1.125A

board8: 1.500A

Is this NORMAL? Are the current on board6-8 too high?

What is the relationship between this result and Table-4 and Table-5 of ds202?


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-25-2010

回复: Virtex-5 (XC5VFX130T) VCCINT supply current

Hi @peterxilinxok1


In Table 4/5, Iccint is specified @85C. On board 6~8, Tj may not be higher than board 1~5, please download xpe to estimate the static current @ other 85C of Tj. 




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