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Newbie dinyar1
Registered: ‎06-11-2018

Larger than 2 kbyte C2H transfers appear to be overflowing some buffer



I am currently using the driver and parts of the helper programs from AR65444 to do C2H data transfers from my KCU1500 board. On the firmware side I modified the example design for this and added a FIFO with the AXIS interface between my data source and the DMA subsystem. On the input side of the FIFO I also (try to?) follow the AXIS protocol.


When I try to test this with packets of varying sizes I notice that everything works well up to packet sizes of 2 kbyte (i.e. the last bit is asserted after less than 62 32 byte words being transmitted), but when I try to transmit more data I sometimes receive the message "Short read of XXX bytes into a YYY bytes buffer, could be a packet read?". When examining the data I can see that in particular only the last XXX bytes of the message were transmitted, with the beginning of the message missing. This behaviour increases in frequency with larger packet size.


Is this expected or a known feature of the provided driver?




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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎12-10-2013

Re: Larger than 2 kbyte C2H transfers appear to be overflowing some buffer

Hi @dinyar1,


How many channels are you configured for?





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