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Observer keener_cc
Registered: ‎02-10-2017

QDMA with Tandem Configuration

I am attempting to configure a QDMA IP block for Tandem PROM configuration, but there is either a bug in the customization interface or it is not yet supported for my device (XCKU15P).


I have previously configured an XDMA IP block for Tandem PROM configuration of this same device, and it works in hardware.  When I attempt to configure the QDMA IP with the same settings, the "Tandem Configuration or Partial Reconfiguration" drop-down menu is always grayed-out at the bottom (see attached image).


The latest QDMA documentation (PG302) does not mention any limitations on the Tandem Configuration setting, but no matter what combination of changes I make to the customization the Tandem configuration never becomes available.  The only change is that when I select PCIe Block Location X1Y0 the "Tandem Configuration or Partial Reconfiguration" drop-down menu gets wider, implying that it is prepared to offer choices but it remains unselectable.


Please advise on whether Tandem Configuration is supported within the QDMA IP, and if so when the customization interface bug will be repaired.


Kind Regards, Matt Keener

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Registered: ‎02-16-2010

Re: QDMA with Tandem Configuration

It seems the feature is not yet supported. It could get added in a future release.
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Registered: ‎03-22-2013

Re: QDMA with Tandem Configuration

Hello everyone,

I'm currently using QDMA in our project and we are very worried about the non supported Tandem function...

In the new vivado release 2018.3 and in the QDMA v3.0 document, there is not mention about that Tandem function is not working!!!

Do you have more info about that?


Best regards,

Christian Lambricht