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Registered: ‎05-11-2018

Data transfer with PCIExpress VC707



I'm using the VC707 fpga card and i want to transfer the data that i wrote on the DDR3 memory to a PC.


I Have gone throught the VC707 PCIe tutorial

But i'm facing a couple of doubts:

1) The PCItree software works only for 32 bits system, I have a 64 bits Windows 10 PC

2) I have connected the VC707 to my computer with JTAG cable and to the power supply:

Should i keep the VC707 powered on by the PC power supply while i plug the VC707 into a PCIe slot?

3) I don't know what is the next step to be able to connect the output of my DDR3 memory MIG to the PCI e design so i can send the data from the DDR3 to my PC.


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎12-10-2013


Hi @cassandra


There are other available PCIe software applications available for Windows.  You might check out Teledyne Lecroy Telescan PE, lspci for Windows, or others available as freeware / shareware.


For powering, when physically removing or plugging the card, you should disconnect all power - PC and VC707 power supply.    If you are going to power via the PC, you will need to use the instructions in the board User Guide (as it is not a standard 6 pin power supply connector) and you will need to program the PROM on the board to load the FPGA.


For a MIG-PCIe design, including upstream bus mastering, you might consider the architecture shown in these videos:

The videos show these cores on the Gen3 capable parts, but the same cores are available in the 7-series devices as well.

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