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Registered: ‎07-28-2011

PCIe NMI Blue screen

Specs: Custom PCIe card; Artix 35T; Vivado 2016.2;  PCie Integrated block; pcie_axi_lite block; 2x bars 32k


This PCIe card has been working correctly on a number of other PC's.


We are running this on a older PC (that we require it to work on for back compatibility) it has PCIe and PCI slots. Our issue is with a NMI: Parity check / Memory error blue sceen on startup if the driver is installed. If we turn off PCI parity checking in bios it works fine (however for back compatibility this is not ideal).


Any ideas why the PCI parity checking would not be working with this core? How to get it working? Or ideas on diagnosing the exact problem without a physical protocol analyzer?



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