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Registered: ‎11-25-2019

PCIe and PC Connection

Hello everyone,


I am trying to use 7-series Integrated Block for PCI Express (3.3) for my project (Vivado 2018.1) and I have some questions about how to make a connection between PC and my FPGA (PCI interface).


Firstly, for writing purpose, I use AXI-stream interface and I know the detail about header, layers etc. However, I do now know what to write in address field. I know that I should use "BAR" but I really do now understand how to use it. Now is my questions:

1.1) How can I take the address range from my PC?

1.2) Should I start with address "0x00000000" or is there any way to access base address? What is the way for directly accessing it?


Secondly, for reading purpose, I will take some data from my PC. Now is my questions:

2.1) Should I decode the address field? I mean will I take a base address with respect to PC or my interface?



3.1) If I use AXI-Stream interface, should I configure cfg_* interfaces?


I appreciate if you help me. Thanks.

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