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Registered: ‎08-14-2018

QDMA bypass mode


I am reviewing the QDMA bypass mode in order to apply it to our project and there are the following questions about it.


1. In your example design for the bypass mode, it appears that the description is output to the bypass out port after the payload is written to the destination from the H2C DMA engine in case of H2C. 

I thought the payload should be written to the destination after the description was output to the bypass out port and back into the bypass in to activate the H2C DMA engine. Is this correct? In the case of C2H, the payload transaction occurs first as in H2C. I wonder if this behavior is correct.


2. Does the C2H DMA engine have a buffer or FIFO that can store descriptors? Or are all descriptors managed only with a buffer in the descriptor engine?







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