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Registered: ‎03-22-2013

QDMA v2.0 to V3.0 migration


I'm currently following the migration guide 

And of course I have some question and remarks:

 Port changes

  1. s_axis_c2h_cmpt_dpr --> dpar instead of dpr
  2. size of dpar in version 2.0 is 16 like in version 3.0. But for version 3.0 it's a parity on 32 bit instead of 8bits.
  3. Missing s_axis_c2h_cmpt_ctrl_port_id and s_axis_c2h_cmpt_ctrl_qid as a new port introduce in version 3.0
  4. Missing s_axis_c2h_tlast from removed signal from version 2.0. (single beat)
  5. axis_c2h_status_imm_or_marker is noted as removed but not...

c2h_cmpt interfaces in vivado 2018.3 

  1. tdata is on 128 bits instaed of 512 bits
  2. chat is cpar signal?

What are the real status of this ? What are the impact?What I have to believe? the doc, the IP ?


Christian Lambricht

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-06-2008

Re: QDMA v2.0 to V3.0 migration

Thank you for your feedback. We will incorporate your feedback in our next update of the document.

Regarding your queries, could you please provide more info? Are you referring to the descrepancies in data width between IP and the document? Also, on the signal name, could you refer us to the specific page number of the documents? Will address your queries once we have the clear understanding of the issue.