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Registered: ‎01-22-2013

Using AXI Datamover for simple PCIe DMA (7-series)

Curious whether anyone has tried to do this, with any success.


Based on searching all of Xilinx for "datamover pcie" with 0 results, I'm guessing No.


At first blush, someone might think that because Xilinx has made the user interface for the 7-series be AXI-Stream, that there is a whole wonderful world of AXI IP just waiting to be connected to it.


Unfortunately, this doesn't really seem to be the case...  there are so many PCI Express details that the back-end interface to endpoint is responsible for handling, that the catalog of "regular" AXI IP including the Datamover seems completely unaware of and unprepared for.


You're somewhat left scratching your head for why bother changing the user interface from the old Local Link (TRN) based  approach if there is no compatibility advantage.  Perhaps the only benefit is through EDK/XPS.

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