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Registered: ‎08-29-2010

XAPP1052 PCI Express with XUPV5 Board Hot Plug and Play functionality

Hi, we have a problem about applying xapp1052 on windows xp. We have successfully created reference desing and it works properly after we load the driver and reboot the computer.

The problem is we do not want to reboot computer after reprogramming of device. We have reboot machine after each time we modidy our reference design and this consumes too much time. Is there any way to run reference deisgn with out rebooting the host machine.

We noticed that there is a pnp.c file in the source folder of thre driver, what is the functionality of this? We tried to build driver with pnp.c, driver is built and used with no error but we still need to reboot machine to use reference design. We think that we need somekind of hot plug-and-play support, but not sure xilinx supports this.


The design is tried with ISE version 11.3 under operating system Windows xp 32-bit.

Thanks in advance.

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